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An examination of knowledge that helps the more and more mentioned financial alternative of the century — hyperbitcoinization.


The widespread adoption of bitcoin is a subject that has raised immense expectations for change to financial programs, governments, and society generally. Over the years, bitcoiners have fiercely defended their perception that bitcoin represents a superior type of cash and expressed numerous hypotheses about attainable pathways to the broader adoption of bitcoin. Over the years, Bitcoiners have fiercely defended their perception that bitcoin represents a superior type of cash and expressed numerous hypotheses about attainable pathways to the broader adoption of bitcoin. In this text, we examine the idea of hyperbitcoinization which represents one of the promising potential developments of our time. By hyperbitcoinization, we imply the method of speedy and irreversible adoption of bitcoin as the first international financial reserve.

This article is a part of an extended collection whereby we define the views and predictions made by the bitcoin group regarding the prospect of hyperbitcoinization. In our evaluation we spotlight “transition agents,” i.e., major gamers, teams of gamers, or establishments that would speed up the transition to a bitcoin world. For every matter, we base our arguments on the references collected, and if attainable, current knowledge that goals to confirm the likelihood of this final result. This first article describes prime-down situations initiated by institutional brokers or governments whose affect is anticipated to trickle down to a wider viewers, whereas a second article will present an understanding of backside-up kinds of initiatives.

The views offered on this article are supposed to seize the heartbeat of the Bitcoin group and stay hypothetical. This is an preliminary foray into analyzing hypothesized hyperbitcoinization situations; we count on that this space would require on-going investigation.


The informational sources that the majority precisely replicate the extent of bitcoin adoption are typically personal and/or nameless, however a major a part of the sentiment is publicly obtainable. The methodology employed on this research will be damaged down into 4 steps: assortment, content material evaluation, validation/extrapolation, and convergence.

Step 1: Collection

With the goal of figuring out brokers of transition that will provoke a hyperbitcoinization situation, we performed on-line analysis of articles, weblog posts, podcasts, movies, knowledge units, tweet samples and analysis papers from July 2013 to July 2021 that both contained the time period “hyperbitcoinization” or referenced the speedy adoption of bitcoin:

Figure 1. Frequency of “hyperbitcoinization” in on-line supplies.

Step 2: Analysis

Through evaluation of the articles and transcripts of the movies/podcasts we recognized recurring themes highlighting the present social, political, and financial contexts, the brokers or occasions engendering the transition to the bitcoin world, and just a few projections concerning the prospect of a hyperbitcoinized world.

Step 3: Validation/Extrapolation

Qualitative knowledge collected in step 1 most frequently got here within the type of predictions mentioned inside the bitcoin group which have but to be subjected to important examination by the broader monetary and financial communities. In the next part we current a quantitative evaluation that critically examines these hypothesized causal pathways through the use of micro and macroeconomic knowledge from authorities, institutional, and public databases to extrapolate the feasibility of such situations.

Step 4: Convergence

In the final step, we coded every reference to hyperbitcoinization in accordance to a descriptive theme in order that we would current a coherent overview of the present dialogue inside the Bitcoin group. Despite the good variety of authors, the evaluation that follows reveals that hyperbitcoinization predictions converge on a restricted variety of circumstances the place the transition is triggered by 4 major teams of actors. These 4 teams who could affect hyperbitcoinization embody central banks, governments, the personal sphere, and the Bitcoin group.

Top-Down Scenarios

The monetary and financial worlds, crystallized within the fiat system for the final a number of a long time, are unable to understand credible alternate options to their present actuality. According to present financial and monetary elites, a unique financial system primarily based on the gold commonplace or the bitcoin commonplace would give rise to an anarchic and violent society whereby all ideas of regulation, economics, or civilization would disappear. Bitcoiners, alternatively, provide a extra optimistic narrative (Keiser and Seiche 2021). Inspired by libertarian thought, they see the federal government as a superfluous or ineffective component of society whose interventionism within the financial area prevents the correct functioning of the market. In this view, the appearance of bitcoin would restore financial stability primarily based on the fastened and clear manufacturing of cash.

Figure 2. Hyperbitcoinization situations pushed by central banks. 

Central Banks

Inflation of Money Supply

Out of all of the hypotheses made by Bitcoin group members, probably the most frequent motive cited as a attainable set off for hyperbitcoinization facilities on cash manipulation by central banks. At a number of factors in historical past, financial inflation set off a vicious cycle of decreased buying energy that culminated in a whole lack of religion within the foreign money underneath inflationary stress. In determine 3, we rank nations primarily based on an annualized improve in broad cash between the years 2015–2020.

Figure 3. Annualized financial inflation (CAGR interval 2015–2020). The World Bank. 2021. Broad Money (Current LCU). Washington, D.C.: The World Bank. https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/FM.LBL.BMNY.CN.

Unsurprisingly, determine 3 reveals that numerous nations from this pattern undergo from aggressive interventionism with yearly will increase of financial provide larger than 10%. For occasion, a ten% annual improve of the cash provide implies a lower in buying energy of 40% after solely 5 years. The stability and predictability of bitcoin provide has the potential to disrupt the vicious cycle of manipulated monies main to the lack of religion within the manipulated foreign money, and elicit the curiosity of the final inhabitants within the hardest type of cash ever invented.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

The imminent launch of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) by a number of nations will undoubtedly influence the cryptocurrency business, however it is not utterly clear how this intervention will unravel. Initially we will count on central governments to nudge their populations towards CBDCs via massive-scale instructional campaigns that can seemingly have a collateral impact on bitcoin adoption. However, as the bounds of centrally-ruled monies emerge, we will predict this can push new customers into Bitcoin’s arms for at the least 4 of the next causes:

  • The shadow financial system is not comprised solely of black market trades of unlawful substances and trafficking. It encompasses any financial exercise or transaction that happens with out being declared to the federal government. Redman (2020) predicts that bitcoin might solely be another to a cashless society that desires to function underneath the radar.
  • The emergence of CBDCs is elevating critical considerations in lots of democratic nations. A survey performed by the European Central Bank (ECB) highlighted that, for European residents and retailers, the privateness of transactions was seen as crucial function of digital currencies. Even if central banks defend themselves from surveillance, id administration primarily based on “loosely coupled account links, can keep track of necessary data to implement prudent regulation and crack down on money laundering and other criminal offences, as well as easing the workload for commercial banks” (Fan, 2020).
  • Several central banks have already introduced the event of their cash on public blockchains (South Korea on Klaytn, and the ECB most probably on both Ethereum or Tezos) or on state-managed blockchain (e.g., China’s digital Yuan). Even if Ethereum is a blockchain with one of many largest ecosystems, its safety and decentralization is questionable as compared to the Bitcoin community. An upcoming shift from the proof-of-work to proof-of-stake consensus algorithm additionally entails a number of existential dangers that shouldn’t be related to the creation of a foreign money imposed upon a inhabitants.
  • The superiority of bitcoin over different currencies has lengthy been argued by the Bitcoin group. Recently, a number of CBDC initiatives carried out by central banks confirmed this superiority and recalled the significance of a set financial provide, a censorship-resistant protocol, or of pseudonymous transactions. The most superior experiences within the area recommend that the notion of programmable cash has already been examined in a number of kinds. By issuing coupons whose use is restricted to sure sectors, the local government of Chengdu (China) encourages its inhabitants to favor public transport. Even if at first look one of these initiative appears laudable, it rapidly provides a glimpse of the sorts of abuses that such a system might generate. In addition, one other initiative deserving of consideration permits the central authorities to improve cash velocity by issuing e-CNYs whose validity is restricted in time. Even if this function appears to have been deployed solely as a pilot venture, it raises a number of questions on foreign money fungibility and, most significantly, on the immense controlling energy that any central financial institution might have by despoiling the inhabitants.


One of the commonest hyperbitcoinization hypotheses is the adoption of bitcoin initiated by governments. Figure 4 describes a number of potential situations hypothesized by the Bitcoin group which have but to happen.

Figure 4. Hyperbitcoinization situations pushed by governments.

State Hoarding Of Bitcoin Scenario

In this situation, the transition towards a bitcoin commonplace unfolds in distinct methods whether or not we have a look at it from the angle of people or governments. In “Layered Money,” Nik Bhatia (2021) predicts that governments will progressively construct a more healthy financial system on prime of the toughest cash ever created: bitcoin.

Figure 5. Nik Bhatia. 2021. “Layered Money: From Gold and Dollars to Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies.” Nikhil Bhatia.

Several nations have reported possession of bitcoin after seizing it from legal actions, however no nation has introduced a particular technique for hoarding digital belongings as a reserve foreign money. In this context, El Salvador is an outlier in adopting bitcoin. The acceptance of bitcoin as a authorized tender in El Salvador could possibly be interpreted as an remoted political choice, however the successive bulletins by the federal government to first implement a nationwide mining policy with the BigBlock Datacenter and subsequently to hoard BTC, verify the execution of a broader bitcoin technique within the nation.

“Sputnik” Trade Scenario

For a long time, the greenback’s standing as a world reserve foreign money has given the U.S. the privilege to impose sanctions on a world scale (determine 6).

Figure 6. Map of nations sanctioned by U.S. Wikimedia.org, JojotoRudess, CC BY-SA 4.0 , through Wikimedia Commons.

Predictions concerning the demise of the hegemonic greenback are not new, however lately new narratives have appeared speculating on how the adoption of bitcoin might contribute to the decline of the U.S. greenback (Clemente 2021). If two nations struggling underneath U.S. sanctions begin utilizing bitcoin as a settlement layer to circumvent these sanctions, doing so could present the identical type of impolite awakening for world governments as Sputnik had for U.S. area coverage within the Nineteen Sixties. From that time, it might set another path for different nations to replicate. Iran, whose financial system has been underneath embargo since 1979, sits on a big reserve of fossil gasoline vitality that would both be exported towards a cost in bitcoin or by promoting hashrate. The Iranian foreign money might change into one of the wanted international currencies and reposition the nation on the pedestal of sound cash (Keiser and Seiche 2021).

El Salvador Case

The announcement made by the president of El Salvador to settle for Bitcoin as authorized tender was greeted as a consecration by the Bitcoin group within the phrase. El Salvador, whose economy has been hit exhausting by the Covid-19 pandemic, has lengthy handled excessive crime charges linked to drug trafficking. The nation’s dependence on the U.S. is excessive each when it comes to exports and expatriate remittances (determine 7).

Figure 7. Total price of transaction for remittance of $200 primarily based on World Bank knowledge. World Bank, Remittance Prices Worldwide, obtainable at remittanceprices.worldbank.org,

The bill proposed by President Nayib Bukele to the legislative meeting goals to place the nation on the rails of prosperity by creating job alternatives, driving extra inclusion, and boosting the financial system. Even if this invoice created lots of pleasure amongst Bitcoiners, compelled cash regulation — on this case bitcoin as a authorized tender — diverges from the Bitcoin group’s central values of freedom, voluntarism, and free competitors (Koning 2021).

This initiative provoked blended reactions from international monetary establishments. As anticipated, the International Monetary Fund expressed critical concern concerning the adoption of bitcoin as authorized tender by the Central American nation and pronounced that the invoice offered various macroeconomic, monetary, and authorized dangers. The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), whose mission is to promote the financial integration and social improvement of the Central American area, took a extra constructive and pragmatic method. They supplied technical help to the nation to assist with the implementation of the brand new system.

Since the announcement of the invoice, officers from Paraguay, Panama, and Mexico have expressed their intentions to current crypto-associated payments within the coming months to duplicate the method initiated by President Bukele.

If the expertise in El Salvador, whose dependence on remittances is estimated at 24% of Gross Domestic Product, interprets into an enchancment in financial circumstances, many nations past Central America could possibly be incentivized to comply with the identical path as proven on the next map:

Figure 8. World Bank employees estimates of private remittance obtained (% GDP) for Africa & Asia primarily based on IMF stability of funds knowledge, and World Bank and OECD GDP estimates.

On an exploratory foundation, we estimated the influence on nations’ GDP if present remittance options are changed by Lightning Network (LN) funds. As a part of this estimate, we assumed a zero price LN transaction and remittance price equal to the typical noticed for transactions of $200 in every nation. Figure 9 reveals that the financial influence can be notably helpful for nations whose dependence on overseas capital inflows is higher than 20%.

Figure 9. World Bank employees estimates of the influence of zero-price transactions on nation GDP (%) primarily based on IMF stability of funds knowledge, and World Bank and OECD GDP estimates.


This research synthesized hyperbitcoinization situations and recognized key brokers that will provoke this transition. We categorized these situations into two teams: (1) prime-down initiatives stemming from institutional actors resembling central banks and governments, and (2) backside-up initiatives rising from the personal sphere and Bitcoin communities. This first article offered an exhaustive evaluation of the “top-down” situations, nonetheless the present state of adoption of Bitcoin know-how doesn’t allow drawing definitive conclusions concerning the affect of a selected agent. Rather this text serves as a foundational framework to proceed our evaluation of those potential situations over time. The decentralized nature of Bitcoin is typically in rigidity with the priorities of governments and monetary organizations which are centralized, however this research reveals how these establishments could play a serious position — deliberately or unintentionally — in a mass adoption of bitcoin.

In a second article, we are going to current backside-up situations pushed by personal and particular person actors as a comparability to the highest-down pathways.

This is a visitor submit by Alexandre Bussutil. Opinions expressed are completely their personal and don’t essentially replicate these of BTC, Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.


Alden, L., & Posch, A. (Aug 6, 2020). Lyn Alden “Bullish On Bitcoin – A Strategic Value Investors View” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D-11qqH4cM

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